The Seabreeze 35 was the smallest keel-centerboard boat built by Allied. Rigged as a sloop, yawl, or ketch, the Seabreeze is known for its sailing ability and bluewater potential. With rugged features such as a solid bronze centerboard, Seabreezes are well-suited to ocean-sailing. In 1967, the 380 pound bronze centerboard was replaced with a 115 pound aluminum one. In 1970, The Seabreeze was improved much more significantly. Called the Seabreeze Citiation, the new model featured an improved interior layout with increased storage space and a revised cockpit. The Seabreeze was recognized as one of "Twenty Great Used-Boat Bargains" in the October 1994 issue of Cruising World, as well as "Classic Plastic" in the December 1997 issue. One can be found on the used-boat market from between $35,000 to $48,000. A total of 135 were made.

Overall length: 34'6"
Waterline length: 24"
Beam: 10'3"
Displacement: 13,400 pounds
Ballast: 4,000 pounds lead (includes weight of bronze centerboard)
Draft: board up: 3"10" board down: 7'
Keel style: modified full with centerboard
Sail area: sloop: 550 s.f. yawl: 575 s.f.
Fuel: 25-45 gallons (most 30)
Water: 25-90 gallons (most 45)
Headroom: 6'2"
Designer: MacLear & Harris
Theoretical hull speed: 6.565 knots
Displacement to waterline length ratio: 439.195
Beam to length ratio: .297
Sail area to displacement area: 16.181
Capsize screening value: 1.73 (A lower value indicates a more stable boat; the screening value must be under 2.00 in order to be offshore-capable)
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